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fish collagen peptides – gelatin hydrolysate![collagen peptides without bovine]Xishuangbanna Peoples Procuratorate Party Group▷★★, the Secretary for Corruption and Bribery Bureau The State Supervision Committee of the Discipline Committee, member of the party group of Xishuangbanna Peoples Procuratorate, Yang Feng, director of the Force Corruption and Bribery Bureau, is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring★•◁. (End) Editor◁…: Huo !

Original title○■▼●: ▷△▲○”Chasing Mountain Worker” is involved in the “picking up the ice▼▼■▼, solving the problem, grasping, speeding◁…◆▷, and increment)▲■…□. This year, the national two sessions, the reform has become the topic of the representative members. The reform temperament passed by the two sessions…☆☆-, led the Chinese in the spring to speed up the footsteps, and once again to go to the target★▪. The focus of reforming movements○▽▼▼, the expectation of reform effects is constituting the common consciousness of our people in this era and collective consciousness◁●◆. On the eve of the two sessions, the Peoples Network specially launched a hot spot investigation. In the eight high-top topics selected by more than 4 million netizens-▽, it accounts for 3 issues related to reform○•▪△. When the reform is constantly moving towards the intention, sincerely, “the more reformed●●▽•, the more confident=■■”. The spirit of reform is over 40 years of light▲○, and it is still possible to ignite hundreds of million.

Original title: Traffic control bureau issued tomorrow traffic trip to the airport high-speed morning temporary control Beijing News (Reporter Guo Chao) Beijing traffic control department issued tomorrow traffic forecast, tomorrow (March 4) is Sunday, motor vehicle is not limited, expected At 10 oclock in the morning, there will be significant increase in urban traffic flow. In addition☆●, there will be a temporary control of several road sections such as the North Fifth Ring Road, Jingmi Road, Airport Expressway•■▷-, East Second Ring Road. During the weekend, the surrounding vehicles in the school were mostly affected. The North Third Ring Lenovo Bridge area, the West Third Ring New Bridge area is prone to many cases, and the traffic flow of the wholesale market and large catering entertainment venues are large■…•, and the Xidan business circle☆◇, Shuangjing Business Circle, Shili River Business Circle, Peripherals of Chaoyang Joy City is prone to many cases. Tomorrow morning•◇■, North Fifth Ring Road☆•▷, Beijing Mi Road, Machi?

Original title: The latest collagen peptide drink□◆•▷ protein industry scabdals liguid collagen! Adjust the standard standard standard for social security payment=▽, your treatment will change edible gelatin producer! The Tianjin Municipal Peoples Social Security Bureau issued a notice, from April 1△●▽●, adjustment of the social security payment base standard◆◇◆…. Workers (ID: Grrbwx) Discovery, there have been more adjustment of social security payment■◁▼-. As a result, the treatment of employees will also be affected and together. Adjust the standard Tianjin: From April 1st, Tianjin 2018 employer and employee pay the minimum standard of urban workers basic pension, urban workers basic medical, unemployment, work injury and birth insurance base, from last years 3159 Yuan raised to 3,364 yuan★◁-, the highest standard was raised from 15795 yuan last year to 16821 yuan•◇○●. In addition, individual industrial and commercial households and flexible employees p△▽○●.