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[gelatine capsules transparent]Original title: Thailand wants to use “Hello” to meet the five airports of Chinese tourists Thailand have opened up special channels for Chinese tourists and equipped with customs clerutics in Chinese Mandarin to speed up and exit. Hong Kong ▼…◇”Nanhua Morning Post” August 9/201: Thailand Airport says “Hello” to work back to China Tourists Phukets tragedy has made great influences in Chinas tourists arriving in Thailand last month●=, but this Southeast Asia The countrys entry and exit officials are doing their best to attract Chinese tourists. Chinas official data showed that although the Thai tourists in Thailand had almost no change compared to the same period last year, it increased by 20% year-on-year◆…▼. A online travel agency in China said on Wednesday that it has been noted that the number of tourism bookings to Thailand is reduced. “Many (China) guests are taking a wait-and-see attitude□◆.

China New Network Beijing May 28 (Reporter Sun Affairs) About 1.34 million years ago, the prehistoric cemetery of Jebel Sahaba, is considered to be one of the most ancient sites with the remains of human war■○◆. Springer Natural Open Academic Journal ▷■▪”Scientific Report” latest published an archaeological research papers said that archaeological staff showed the researcher of the cemetery, hunting fishing collectors have participated in many small-scale violence The research papers said that there is healing wound on the bones discovered by the Jet Bell Sahaba cemetery, indicating that these individuals have participated in many violent attacks and live•□=, rather than before thinkin!

Original title▷▲: Jiang Yang responded to Fujikang quickly passed: experienced a complete review process for the fast-moving events of Fujikang, March 9, March 9th★◆□, Vice President of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, Jiang Yang to Securities Times The reporter said that Foxconn has passed a complete audit procedure as far as the enterprise level. Jiang Yang said that Foxconn has been announced yesterday. This is also strictly reviewed in accordance with the statutory procedures, according to the requirements of authenticity, accuracy and integrity, and also to disclose it. Requirements and risk reminders◁••, this is the requirements for the SFC on any listed company listed audits. Source=▪=■: Securities Times · E Company Responsibility Editor: Guoqia. protein generator industrial foregoing gelatin methacrylamideelasten collagen anti ageing cream with collagen bovine hide collagen peptides type,