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beauty collagen drink![industrial scale protein purification and preparation]Original title: 2018 National Two Sessions▲•■, Engineering Academician Yang Shanlin: “Changjiang Scholar” is eligible to stop the Beijing News (Reporter Sha Xueliang) How to correct the wind of people in college heavy gold? During the 13th National Peoples Congress★=◇▲, the National Peoples Congress, Academician, Academician Academy of Engineering, Yang Shanlin●▷, Professor Hefei University of Technology, “National Jieqing▽▷◁” title items should not be used after the project•★☆, …◁”Changjiang scholars■◇★” will be terminated. In recent years, high-level talent projects such as “National Outstanding Youth Fund”, …▪□◁”Changjiang Scholars Award Program” has introduced a large number of high-level talents in various fields★••. However, the situation of heavy gold excavations in colleges and universities also produced…●-★. Last year, the Ministry of Education has proposed that universities have high salary, and will stop the next years ▲◆”Changjiang Scholars” recommended qualification▷◁◁…. Yang Shanl.

Original title: Yonghong Qing Zhengxie political nature (Red Shirt “” Peoples Daily “(September 11, 2018) Recently, the media reported a few 90s of the young cadres who were investigated by corruption,▼★” ” When the 90 label representing the youth sun, it is inevitable that people feel shocked and regret•●▷=. In contrast, “retirement, safe landing△•★○”, was a standard for some people in society to measure the “peaceful landing” of cadres. However, some retired cadres have become an object of the discipline inspection and supervision for review due to serious violations of laws and disciplines▼▽▲■. From these news…▪●, you can read out the strong attitude of strictly govern the party and strictly govern the party and zero tolerance in corruption. Party members, cadres as long as they violate the party discipline law, into the abyss of corruption, regardless of a.

Original title: After the two sessions, local teachers have intensive adjusted more than ten provinces Partys team change Chinas new network client Beijing March 28 (Reporter Yu Feng) The national two sessions have ended=◇☆…, and the provincial local teachers have intensive personnel change. At present, there have been more than 10 provincial party committees of the Provincial Party Committee, in which 5 provincial party committees “one hand☆△□” adjustment in Henan◁▲, Qinghai, Jiangxi, Sichuan, Guangxi. Data map: Deer heart society△▪▪. Liu Zhankun took more than ten provincial party committees and the change of the central peoples changes during the two sessions of the country. Since the two sessions●▼□, the provincial local staff has been integrated. At present, local personnel adjustments have covered more than 10 provincial party committees of more than 10 provincial party committees Team. On March 21st□▪▷▼, the national two sessions ended the second day, and the official was intensively released the river within a da★•●.

Original title★▷: 15 years later, he raised his minister on March 22nd, the Water Resources Department held a cadre conference, announced the decision of the central governments leading team adjustment, and E. E○•■. The Minister of Water Resources◁○▲■, Party Secretary=•▷◁. Deng Dianming, deputy director of the China Group, read the central governments decision and speaking. On March 19th▷▼▪▽, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress decided to list the deputy prime ministers of the State Council▲◆○▪, State Councilors, and Ministers of Ministers●▪◆. Hubei is appointed as the Minister of Water Conservancy. The data map was originally selected by the Ministry of Water Resources, and Chen Lei, the Party Secretary Chen Lei△◆◇…, has been elected the Standing Committee of the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, and deputy director of the National Political Consultative Conference Agriculture and Rural Commission. At the same time, in the recent release of the State Council institutional reform plan▲◆◇▼, the responsibility of the Ministry of Water Resources is optimized, and the State Councils Three Gorges Engineering Construction Committee and its office□●, the State Council Nanshi Engineering Construction Committ?

Original title◁▽▼▪: Culture and Tourism Official Website debut Xi Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Zhenzhen) On March 21, the reporter found that according to the reform plan of the State Council, the official website of the original cultural department is officially updated as the official website of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. At the same time, there is also a new list of cultural and tourism department, which is: 雒 雒, Li Jin▼△▼, Li Qun, Xiang Zhaolun, single Xiang=○★☆, Liu Yuzhu, Chi Yun, Zhang Xu -■, Dujiang, Li Shihong, Wang Xiaofeng▪◆▲…, Yu Qun, Wei Hongtao. Among the newly consisting of cultural and tourism leaders▼▼▪, there were 7 original Ministry of Culture, 5 people in the Former Tourism Administration. In addition to the discussion of the Cultural and Tourism Party Secretary, the Minister of Tourism◆•, Li Jin, director of the former National Tourism Bureau, asked Deputy Secretary and Deputy Minister of the Party Group▽◆•▪; formerly Shandong Provincial Party Committee, Vice President, Provincial Government Party Secondary Secretary and Shandong Administrati wholesale gelatin supplier protein engineering for industrial biotechnology! collagen drink skin whitening industrial protein for antibiotics