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gelatin formula – getin capsule shl collagen soft gel grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen peptides,[gelatin 200 bloom powder]Zhongxin Net Linyi May 28th: ​​”Life and Death 3 Second” Choice: This can save people no regrets Zhongxin reporter Wang Huilin grenade explosion moment, thick smoke, the ball is scattered▼▷◇, he is consciously uses yourself The body protects the comrades, and the time left to him is only 3 seconds. On December 12, 2018□-◇, a training field under the Shanxi Province▽◆▲, a great sound of “bang”▷▲=▪, the armed police Shanxi Corps Linyi Detachment Diligence Brigade captain Xue Wei took a warrior tightly, herself It was hit by the ball◆▲, and hips were injured▷•-. Today, the bouss bead has been taken out. Although it is not suitable•…□, he said: “Protect the soldiers, I have no hesitation-•.” Military Dream of the Extreme 19○▪◁□.

Original title▲□△: US military high-profile plane is only 400 kilometers away from the Diaoyu Islands [Global Network Military April 2nd report Global Times reporter Ma Jun Special reporter] US •■●”Defense News-◆” Appeal A young reporter interviewed the station The report of the US 353 353th Special Combat Brigade of the Empty Army Base has triggered an external attention◆□•. Not only because of the “Defense News□■” reporters announced the equipment in the US military two-type special combat transportation cabin, but also because of this special combat force deployed in the Jiamens base. The Jiaguan Air Force Base in Japan Okinawa is one of the US militarys largest frontier strategic fulfillment points in Asia Pacific. It faces East Asia mainland, with a broad Pacific Ocean, which can support terrestrial operations, but also pay aid demand, and the strategic location is very heav.

Original title: Anhui police sacrificed the night before the Ching Ming Festival, only 36 years old▪-☆, April 4th, 22:20…●, the traffic police detachment of Suzhou City Public Security Bureau▼★, the high-speed brigade, the police▷▽■, Ma Fei, in the high-speed survey traffic accident scene, was A sedan was hurt, and the rescued was unfortunately unfortunately sacrificed, only 36 years old. Source: Editor: Huo .

Original title: Beijing Red Cross Blood Center•■: CCTV Tower and other places newly built 6 unpaid blood donation points Xinyang News (Reporter Dai Xuan) Today (March 5), Beijing Red Cross Blood Center announced▽◆▪, in Beijing Under the guidance of the city and municipal health county■▷◁□, after the coordination between government and the relevant departments, Beijing newly built six free blood donation points: Xidan Unicom Building blood donation point▲-▼, CCTV tower blood donation point, China Baowan Mall blood donation point, Tiantan Dongmen blood donation point•★▲●, Changping Vanke Square blood donation point and Double Ye R & F city blood donation point▷▷. The Beijing Red Cross Blood Center called on the public to participate in blood donation activities to support Beijings free blood donation, in order to protect Beijings clinical blood△□•▼. Responsible Editor: Zhang .

Xinhua News Agency, on July 6, according to the person in charge of the relevant person in charge of the customs of customs, Chinas import commodity in China has been officially implemented at 12:01 Beijing time▷▷. The relevant person in charge of the customs of the customs Directive on the 5th, in the answer of the media about China on the implementation time of US tariff countermeasures, according to the State Countries Tariff Tax Council No. 5 announced, some imported goods originating in the United States Measures will be implemented after the USs decision tariff measures are taken into force. According to the US Customs and Border Protection Bureau, the United States is from 818 categories on the first batch of 34 billion US dollars on the first batch of 818 categories on the first batch of 34 billion US dollars on the first batch of 34 billion US dollars▼▼. % Import tariffs. As a counterattac★▷▼?