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the meat industry solutions to plant – gelatowder gredients.[beef collagen peptides vs fish collagen peptides]Original title: (Times) The State Council issued “Winning Blue Space Defense Three-Year Action Plan” Xinhua News Agency Beijing On July 3 ▲▼”Action Plan◁•…△”), clarifies the overall idea, basic goals, main tasks and safeguards of air pollution prevention, and proposes the timetable and roadmap of winning the blue sky defense-◇. The “Action Plan” pointed out that it is necessary to guide the socialist thinking in Xi Jinpings new era, conscientiously implement the party Central Committee…•, the State Council decision-making deployment and the national ecological environmental protection conference•★▷▼, adhere to the new development concept, insist on the whole people◆▷☆, the source prevention, and the symptoms , Focus on the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the surrounding area, the Yangtze River Delta region, the plains and other areas, continue to carry out atmospheric pollution preventi.

China Xinwang Shijiazhuang May 26th (Zhao Dan Mei) Hebei Provincial Peoples Government Information Office held a launch conference, June 26 to October 18, the 5th Garden Expo (hereinafter referred to as the garden fair) will be “China s Modern Industrial Cradle▽☆●=” opened in Kaiping District◆◇, Tangshan City-☆▪=, Hebei Province=•. Ecological repair, the site for the coal mining collapse area becomes a garden view. Tangshan is located in the heart of Bohai Bay, adjacent to Beijingjin. Kaiping as the old industrial heavy town★▼•, the economy leads the city, and behind the economic prosperity, Kaiping also pays the extensive cost of ecological environment. Today, Tangshan has developed into an area in the construction of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the development of “all the way□▪■.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: “We must use the methodology of Marxism political economics, deepen the understanding of Chinas economic development law, and improve our economic development capacity and level.” The central economic work meeting held at the end of last year▲=▷, profoundly summed up our party Under the severe challenges□▪□-, the five aspects of economic work are regularly understood•■: Party Central Authority is the fundamental relying on the people of all ethnic groups in the whole party in the moment-◆•; the peoples first is the fundamental premise of correct choices; the institutional advantage is formed The fundamental guarantee of hard power is the fundamental method of scientific decision-making and creative response is the fundamental method of chemical criticallywriting; science and technology self-support is the fundamental support of the promotion of development. This “five fundamenta.

Original title: Chinese female reporter experience Phuket flock accident: The most terrible two and a half hours in Thailand, at around 5▼□:45 pm local time•△●•, two boats containing 127 Chinese tourists are returning to Phuket Incidentally, a large storm, in the coral island and Madong Island▪•-•. As of about 6-◁=▽:50 on July 6, the search and rescue personnel have found 17 victims, and the number of victims of the ship has risen to 17 people★▷□, and most of the remains of the remains is about 2 kilometers from the direction of the incident. When the picture is trapped, the reporter Lin Yingying is on another boat in the waters◆▲•, in the huge waves of the wind-•★, after 2 and a half hours of life and death=△◁, eventually escape, safe return…☆◁. The following is her experience: Thailand local time 22:35, husband is sti…△★○?

Original title: 8 facts about trade warfare△▽△, Chinese and Americans have to understand these days, China-US trade war topic brushing friends circle◇●. China-US trade war seems to be touched, the global market is in the world, and many stock markets have entered a plunge=◁. However, the people have no unclear understanding of “China-US Trade Wars”, and some are highly engaged in overtight, fighting economic wars, playing political warfare, and some hopes that the Chinese government will not be invasive, comply with the United States, to avoid greater losses What is the truth of this Trade War? How will China going…◆? About China-US trade warfare★◆, these eight facts should understand: 1. China-US Trade War is the United States●▼, which is awarded in Chinas US President Trump, signed the presidential memorandum on March 22○▪, which will impose tariffs on large-scale imported goods in China, and lim?